Abroad programs USA/UK/France/

Tomorrow I am going to leave Sri Lanka. I spend one night in UK and then leave for Delaware in USA on the 17th of May. This is how all those programs are scheduled.

17th to 21st of May programs are scheduled in Delaware by Suhasini Amaratunga.

Suraj Navaratne takes responsibility of 21st to 24th of May in Marylands.

25th to 28th programs are coordinated by Alison Easter in Phoenix.

Sanka Thennakoon would coordinate programs of Houston from 29th to 31st of May.

31st of May I leave for Canada and programs are conducted from 1st to 7th of June. Programs are scheduled by Eresha Fernando in Edmonton.

I leave Canada for UK on the 7th of June. Next day I will be in UK and stay one night.

I leave for France on the 9th of June. From 9th to 22nd of June programs are scheduled in France and Netherlands. They are coordinated by Celine and Johan Knol.

22nd of June I leave for UK. I would lead some programs in London, Swindon and Scotland from 22nd of June to 5th of July.

On the 5th of July I leave for Sri Lanka and observe Rain Retreat at Sandun Arana Senasuna for three months.

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